Why Critcise HEC?

Transition of good policies is always imperative for development in a third world country like ours. we always see some good initiatives taken by one GOVT which are reverted by the following one.

One of the good policy of the previous GOVT was its initiative to back-up HEC to start some good projects and spend more money on higher education.

Now what we see is that media is severely criticizing the HEC (Higher education commission of Pakistan). Recently I read a news article carrying Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan’s comments regarding the performance of HEC, he intensely criticized the HEC, which is unjustified.

Let me remind him that HEC is a regulatory body which makes guidelines and plans different projects, makes strategies, creates rules & regulations. He criticized HEC for not building good universities and that he himself built a very good university. I think it will be very iniquitous to expect that HEC will it self supervise different project.

Yes, there is a lot to be done and a lot of things which must have been done. The HEC should be held accountable for it, but then accountability should start from 1947. what i feel is that HEC did some great things in only 5 to 6 years which the UGC (University Grant Commission) couldn’t do in 55 years.

So HEC should be giving its due credit where ever it deserves. It would be unjustified to term there work as a complete a waste.

I know so many people who started coming to back to pakistan becuase of the good policies of HEC. Infact HEC curtailed the phenomenon of “BRAIN DRAIN” up to some level and chaned it into “BRAIN GAIN”. The need of the hour is that we should spend more on our education and stop criticism for the sake of critcism. Instead of looking at the half empty glass  we should appreciate da half filled, learn from our mistakes and appreciate the good work.


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