Good Moment for Cricket in Pakistan

After a long time Pakistan has won a series and that too a clean sweep. Not just the series against West indies but the Lahore Badshah won the T20 Championship in the controversial ICL, though Lahore Badshah might not be an official team of PCB but still it was a squad of 15 men with name of Pakistan attached to them. Most of the players in Lahore Badshah have played for Pakistan.

So now Pakistanis can enjoy this short lived cold breeze of cricket. Short in the sense that there is a very less chance we can watch any series being played in Pakistan because of different reason including security concerns. It has been a long time since any match is played in Pakistan. But for now we can enjoy these two wins. This may bring some joy to the fans of cricket in Pakistan.

We will hope that the new administration of PCB is successfull in arranging some cricket events and bringing the foreign cricket teams to Pakistan. Lets keep our fingers crossed.


2 thoughts on “Good Moment for Cricket in Pakistan

  1. National side did a good job against a team which has a lot of youngsters led by fiery Chris Gayle. But every win counts once you are playing in the international circuit.
    Good job Pakistani Team!

    ICL (Indian Controversial League ) as many would describe it. It needs marketing muscle to attract more big guns to match with IPL. Surely, there are some Pakistani players that performed in ICL matches and deserves a place in the national side.

    I would love to see Pakistanis playing against tough opponents in crunch situations. Let’s hope it happens in the days to come. 🙂

    PS. It’s good to see my friends blogging… OOOOOOOOHHHHHH 😉

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