Imperishable part of memory…

Like thousands of people I also daily travel between Charsadda and Peshawar. Most of the People daily travel between these two places for schools, colleges, relatives and jobs. Yesterday I boarded on to a HIACE which is the most common convenience available for most of the commuters traveling between Charsadda and Peshawar. It was 4:30 pm I was moving back to my home in Charsadda after my daily routine.

When the HIACE started going, the conductor asked for the fare. I took out my wallet and was about to take out the fare which is 35 rupees, the wallet slipped off my hand. To my dismay there was a hole in the floor of the HIACE and my wallet went out through that hole. I stopped the HIACE to get my wallet from the road but before I could reach out for the wallet it was too late. The wallet had disappeared in a split of a second.

I was astonished by the sudden disappearance of wallet from the road. I couldn’t believe I have lost it. I asked people nearby the road that have they seen a wallet that just dropped out of the HIACE but all the answers were in negative.

I was extremely sad not because I had lost just a handsome amount of money but I lost my NIC (National ID card), service card, ATM card which wasn’t even activated. When I thought about the hectic job through which I am again going to pass to make these cards again I was literally getting mad.

As far as money is concerned I quickly convinced my self that may be the person who must have found my wallet needed money more than me and that it was my fate. I was cursing my self for not keeping the wallet in a safer place because I was left empty handed. I was praying that may that person return my wallet even if it’s without the money I will still be thankful to him.

May be it was a mistake on my part or may be fate but whatever it was it’s an imperishable part of my memory.



One thought on “Imperishable part of memory…

  1. I feel sorry for the loss of your wallet but the one thing which is worth worry is the standards of Eemaan. We have Muslims have generally the weakest Eemaan, which can’t save us from committings even major sins, what to speak of stealing even minor things like ‘wallet’. I wish we soon have a time when even all through the nights our doors are open, and yet we all say’ this is the home of my muslim brother, and looking after it is our responsibility as muslims.

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