India-Encircled by Illusions

In the aftermath of Mumbai attacks the Indian media and GOVT is in a very aggressive mood. This is not something unusual for us keeping in mind their past record. Since the inception of Pakistan the Hindus are reluctant to accept the very existence of Pakistan.

The Indians are so used to blaming Pakistan, no matter  what happens in their country so Pakistan is blamed for it. We the Pakistanis are used to blaming our own self no matter what happens but this thing is completely opposite in the case of Indians they blame others for anything that goes wrong. If somebody attacks Indian parliament Pakistan is blamed for the attack, if a train which is carrying most of the Pakistanis is bombed in India (Samjhota Express) so Pakistan is blamed for it. there are 16 freedom movements in India and Pakistan is blamed for all of them, even if Manmohan Singh sneezes so they will say that the virus has come from Pakistan.

I was surprised to see that during the first few hours of the Mumbai blasts the Indian were blaming Pakistan without any investigation, evidence and proofs. Indian media is used to presenting their Police’s perspective and over reacting. they are used to presenting their army, Police and country above anything in the universe. That’s why it was quite hard for them to accept the intelligence failure on their part. Every hour they were denying whatever they earlier. Once you lie, you will always have to lie to protect your lies that’s what the Indian did. their media kept on lying. Everybody was expecting that the India media will show maturity because they have spent all their time in a democratic environment unlike ours. There are some examples where Indian media has done some good job but this one is not the greatest of examples.

The first reason the Indian GOVT attacked Pakistan is that elections are round the corner. The BJP has already accused the Manmohan Singh GOVt to be softer when it comes to terrorism, the other accusation is that Congress is eyeing on Muslim votes, so to acquit itself from these accusation and get away with its failure to stop the terror attacks the Indian GOVT opted for the traditional recipe that was to throw everything on Pakistan’s shoulders.

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7 thoughts on “India-Encircled by Illusions

  1. It is called Salman’s Frustration nothing else as you exposed to world fora now you are blaming to other’s that is in the genes of pakistani nationalist.Look at Kasav who told i was trained by ex pakistani army officer how can you defend it is evidance.This could be the end university of terriorist made by pakistani ISI.ISI doesn’t consider the future of youth they create heatred by preaching them and support with gun’s.Are you not supporting by giving the false article and are the supporter’s of terriorism as they say islam is in danger.Could you call them jihadi’s or we call them killer’s of innocent.

    So salman please understand the situation come with some solution which will help the mindset of muslims…..

  2. Well all the pakistanis are condemning the terrorist attacks no matter where it happens. but blaming Pakistan for whatever is happening india is totally unjustified. Pakistan is a country which itself is a victim of terrorism. there was a bigger incident in Pakistan when Marriott hotel was completely destroyed no body in Pakistan blamed India. Where as everybody know the role of Indian in balochistan and tribal areas of Pakistan.
    the fact of the matter is that Indian should forget about aggression and come to the table with evidence against all those people which are mentioned in the list provided to Pakistan We the ordinary people of Pakistan will support every move in this regard.

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  4. I understand what pakistanis are feeling at this point of time, but please understand indian’s state of mind as well. Indians are not blaming blindly on pakistan, without any evidence. If everytime it happens, what can do in that? Moreover i also accept that if few have done something,it does notmean everyone is like them . Because such terrorist do not have any religion , or caste, or nationality , infact they should not be considered humans.
    We as the people living on this earth need Peace!

  5. Salman, Arundhati Roy is an Indian journalist, based in London. She was the author of the article “Monster in the Mirror” that cracked the Indian drama very soon after the Mumbai attacks. She together with Amaresh Misra and their Minorities Minister Antulay raised eyebrows on which the extremist Hindus bashed them and questioned their credibility.

    Typical story of Indian bias. Nevermind. If Indians think they can build up a case strong enough to attack Pakistan, then be it. We’re ready to spank them. However, if they’re willing to go for dialogue and settle down their personal issues first, amongst themselves ofcourse, then Pakistan would be glad to assist them.

    Anyways, i’d like to welcome ev1 to view the cartoon and the video i recently posted on my blog:
    my apologies in advance to the Indian readers.

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