Indian Media a tool for war propagation

I thought Indian media would change its stance on the Mumbai terror attacks and instead calm down their nation and give a message of peace and tolerance to their nation but they are going to every limit to prove Pakistan as a culprit. In fact they have created a very tense situation. The very role of media is to come up with investigative reporting, but in case of Indian media reports they have completely ignored this sinewy feature in their news.

If we compare the Medias of India and Pakistan so their is a great difference in their Agendas. Pakistani media mostly criticizes its own country for everything that is going wrong but the story is entirely opposite if we talk about Indian media. They blame everyone for anything and everything that is going wrong in India. Instead of criticizing their security agency’s failure to stop a group of few people from taking their business hub as hostage, they started criticizing Pakistan from the word go with out even trying to remove the black curtains off their eyes to at least investigate first.

A so called mature media, Mature in a sense that it has been nurtured in a democratic environment, it still showed an unexpected level of immaturity. They created a big hype of this incident and exaggerated things up to the extreme level.

I would give credit to Pakistani Media for calming down the nerves of Pakistanis in response to such irresponsible behavior of Indian media but at the same time i would severely criticize the Pakistani Media for not presenting our case to the world in the true sense.

Yesterday i was watching News eye with Saima Mohsin on DAWN NEWS and Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed my favorite politician from Muslim League Q was the guest. I was quite impressed with his profound thinking on this issue. He rightly termed down the Indian media as a tool for war propagation.

The need of the hour is that whether its any media it should focus on realities instead of over exaggerating a situation to their advantage. they should base their news on investigative reporting instead of hypothetical scenarios and assumptions that’s the only way media can contribute towards the prosperity and transparency in their own particular countries.
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4 thoughts on “Indian Media a tool for war propagation

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  2. Media in this part of the world (Pakistan) is still an infant and It’s still learning tactics of dirty play. But it’s getting no-where. The nation is getting crazier but is silent and I don’t know what are we waiting for. If media acts as a bridge for information to masses, then it’s a right time to teach media people what content should be shown on the tube.

  3. I dont know where Mahesh Butt, Yash Chopra, Karan Johar, etc are sleeping. They should a bit emphasize on the news-media too. Everyone is aware of their film-making skills but their news-section is a pathetic one.
    Bilish I would say that Pakistan’s news-media is the most mature one as compared to the Indian News media.

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