Something I always felt and wanted to say. Excellent piece by Maha Kamal.


So you want to change the world?

Everyone dreams of change in some form or another. Whether it’s political stability, economic disparities, social welfare, or even the more micro issue of loadshedding, most people have ideas on how the world would be a better place. Some are more idealistic about it and strive to make a difference. Others are more pragmatic. Some just cocoon in their own shells.

I first started Model United Nations back in 2007. It was packaged as excellent training for “the leaders of today”, a phrase that is almost clichéd now. After all, a program focused on conflict resolution, lobbying and negotiation, debate, writing and other life skills could only be useful. Simulating bodies of the United Nations and beyond, MUN aims to educate on global policies, among other things. However, by the end of most sessions, delegates soon realize that most resolutions in the real…

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