Brief Hiatus

Its been a while that I have written anything on my Blog. Studies and job are the main things that have kept me away from writing, perhaps it shows a lake of time management on my part. But now since I am all free, Thanks to the enough number of Summer Vacations, something I always wait for. I will have the liberty to read and write more and make lesser excuses for not writing.

My to-do-list

There are only and only two things on my Summer Vacations’ To-Do-List, which are reading some of my favourite books and writing more here on my blog. Though I am not advocate of the never-ending to-do-lists, because longer to-do-list more often than not are a resultant of my procrastination. In fact it harbours laziness and leads to more and more idleness. That’s why I have kept my to-do-list very simple and short.

So guys stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Brief Hiatus

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