Lesson 1: Emotional Investment, From The Book “Things A Little Bird Told Me: Confessions Of The Creative Mind” By Biz Stone

While this book is rich in terms of lessons and takeaways, it’s hard to decide which lessons to highlight and write in my blog and which ones to leave out. However, the ones I have left out, in no manner mean to be less important. In fact, the entire purpose of this post (and a few more posts to come) is to share only my favorite takeaways and lessons from the book.

So here we go, the first take away from this book is “Emotional Investment”.

According to Biz Stone, unless and until we are emotionally invested in a cause, idea, job or task, we won’t be able to truly excel in it and make the best out of it. For anyone to be truly successful, emotional investment in that activity is paramount. Furthermore, this can happen only if the idea, task, job or cause that we are pursuing is something we absolutely believe in. It shall be noted that Biz Stone’s idea of “Emotional Investment” is pretty similar to the idea behind “Passion”. But this description better explains why we should take up and pursue certain tasks and leave out others. If we truly believe in something, we would put all our time and energies in pursuing that one cause (or job, idea or any other task) we truly believe in, rather than dragging ourselves through something we don’t believe in, and are not ready to emotionally invest ourselves in it.

Lastly, emotional investment does not guarantee success directly but it does guarantee a sense of purpose and enjoyment of the hardships one encounters while aiming high. Thus, making a tough journey a more bearable experience.


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