The Great Irony

Irony may be defined as incongruity or contradiction i.e. one part of a sentence negates the other half of it. Or to be more precise in layman terms, Irony is the discrepancy between appearance and reality. The reason for writing this article is to highlight, some of the many ironies in our education system, the first being the word “Education” itself.

If we search the meaning of education on the internet and in dictionaries so we would be able to conclude that education means to learn, to know and to acquire a body of knowledge, not just that but learning to become humans. The irony of our education system is that instead of humanizing the students who study in it, become inhumane and

Pakistan Education System

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insensitive to the sensitivities of our society. They are not even able to distinguish between right and wrong, instead they follow what is commonly perceived to be wrong. As if it has been somehow installed or programmed in their analytical brain to opt for something wrong by default.

Basic education is the most important thing that can ever happen to kids of any nation. Give them good basic education and they can become intellectuals, entrepreneurs, engineers, lawyers and sound politicians. Why do we always whine about the quality of our higher education and college education? The very same reason, that all these students are a product of that pitiably wretched basic school system. How can you expect “THE GHOST SCHOOLS” to present results and make and develop your future leadership, schools which only exist in paper or where teachers exist in paper only. The schools which are a reality run on the every green method of rote learning, where students only know how to memorize things which are completely alien and unfamiliar.

Corporal punishment is one of the most concerning issues in these GOVT schools, where they come to learn education from their teachers, but instead of learning those very same teachers become the reason for the destruction of their future. I have studied in such a school where the teachers used to bestow the students with their love in the form of a dozen lashes with a freakishly hard stick in a freezingly cold weather, when you can’t even expect to move out your hands from your warm pockets. Once these students pass through this intense psychological trauma they start hating the school and the school becomes a place of torture and trauma in their minds from where they only want to run away. This thing needs to be instilled in the barbarian mind of these evil minded teachers that they are the spiritual father of these young minds, on whose shoulders lay the liability of making, molding and developing the future of these innocent little angels.

If we can spend 90 percent, public and hidden, of the budget on defense, so why not on education? Which is responsible for the development, leadership, defense and every other function that a country supposedly posses. Before it gets too late the people who are responsible should start getting serious about this gigantic problem being faced by our country, instead they should call the “Education Emergency” in place to make everybody realize that this is the most important thing for the survival of this country and nothing else but education and true education. Education is the sole panacea for almost 90 percent of the ills which has torn apart every fabric of this country. The first thing that needs to be done is to actually educate the ones who are responsible for educating others; otherwise the already leaked boat of this country is going to sink big time.

If we compare our education budget to our neighbor countries so we would be able to get a clearer picture that we are spending the least amount of money on education as compared to our neighbors, that means either they are very rich or we are very poor, but luckily none of this is correct, what we lack is administration, fiscal and financial management and most importantly of all the will to educate this country.


Why Critcise HEC?

Transition of good policies is always imperative for development in a third world country like ours. we always see some good initiatives taken by one GOVT which are reverted by the following one.

One of the good policy of the previous GOVT was its initiative to back-up HEC to start some good projects and spend more money on higher education.

Now what we see is that media is severely criticizing the HEC (Higher education commission of Pakistan). Recently I read a news article carrying Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan’s comments regarding the performance of HEC, he intensely criticized the HEC, which is unjustified.

Let me remind him that HEC is a regulatory body which makes guidelines and plans different projects, makes strategies, creates rules & regulations. He criticized HEC for not building good universities and that he himself built a very good university. I think it will be very iniquitous to expect that HEC will it self supervise different project.

Yes, there is a lot to be done and a lot of things which must have been done. The HEC should be held accountable for it, but then accountability should start from 1947. what i feel is that HEC did some great things in only 5 to 6 years which the UGC (University Grant Commission) couldn’t do in 55 years.

So HEC should be giving its due credit where ever it deserves. It would be unjustified to term there work as a complete a waste.

I know so many people who started coming to back to pakistan becuase of the good policies of HEC. Infact HEC curtailed the phenomenon of “BRAIN DRAIN” up to some level and chaned it into “BRAIN GAIN”. The need of the hour is that we should spend more on our education and stop criticism for the sake of critcism. Instead of looking at the half empty glass  we should appreciate da half filled, learn from our mistakes and appreciate the good work.