Imperishable part of memory…

Like thousands of people I also daily travel between Charsadda and Peshawar. Most of the People daily travel between these two places for schools, colleges, relatives and jobs. Yesterday I boarded on to a HIACE which is the most common convenience available for most of the commuters traveling between Charsadda and Peshawar. It was 4:30 pm I was moving back to my home in Charsadda after my daily routine.

When the HIACE started going, the conductor asked for the fare. I took out my wallet and was about to take out the fare which is 35 rupees, the wallet slipped off my hand. To my dismay there was a hole in the floor of the HIACE and my wallet went out through that hole. I stopped the HIACE to get my wallet from the road but before I could reach out for the wallet it was too late. The wallet had disappeared in a split of a second.

I was astonished by the sudden disappearance of wallet from the road. I couldn’t believe I have lost it. I asked people nearby the road that have they seen a wallet that just dropped out of the HIACE but all the answers were in negative.

I was extremely sad not because I had lost just a handsome amount of money but I lost my NIC (National ID card), service card, ATM card which wasn’t even activated. When I thought about the hectic job through which I am again going to pass to make these cards again I was literally getting mad.

As far as money is concerned I quickly convinced my self that may be the person who must have found my wallet needed money more than me and that it was my fate. I was cursing my self for not keeping the wallet in a safer place because I was left empty handed. I was praying that may that person return my wallet even if it’s without the money I will still be thankful to him.

May be it was a mistake on my part or may be fate but whatever it was it’s an imperishable part of my memory.