Tentative Media

Media is the first and foremost front in any war in today’s globalized world. if we talk about our media (Pakistani) so it is believed to be one of the most outspoken media in the region.

sometimes back there were blasts in mumbai, what we saw after that attacks was in instant uproar in the media about the condemnation of the those bombings. All the politicians and celebs were decrying and calling down the bombings. There was an immediate campaign against those attacks, keeping aside indian media’s silence on other issue like Babri Masjid, Gujrat etc.

But that uproar in Indian media about the 7-11 bombing was a perfect example how media can play its part when it comes to condemning the terrorist attacks.

Now if we talk about Pakistani media, i haven’t seen a single media campaign except ” ye hum nahin” which appears on TV once in a week. The media is tentative in its stance to deprecate such attacks in Pakistan. None of the anchors is ready to launch an aggressive campaign to boost the morale of the nation. Every now and then we just see a new bulletin that a bomb blasted.

What ever we are watching on tv these days about these attacks is “NEWS”, only information. There is no investigative reporting which is the very essence of sinewy media. But what we get to see on TV are the so called intellectuals, who present and propagate what ever they think is right rather than talking about things which are of national interest. But because of the mushroom growth of media we have a dearth of Intellectuals and anchors who can talk people.

The anchors should support and set the agenda according to the national interest instead of talking fun, and delivering information instead of knowledge. That’s how they can help the nation and will be thanked for their services.

What we need to do is to combine as a nation, be it the media, politicians, celebs or be the ordinary man to save our coming generation from this menace.